April 20, 2021

Curious, if you had to eat a bean what would be th...


Curious, if you had to eat a bean what would be the best one? For example, are chickpeas better than white like navy and northern beans?


Terrain answer:

Well.. you don’t HAVE to eat them. Food choice is just that, a choice.


Chickpeas would probably be the only suitable digestible bean because they can be sprouted and are edible sprouted. They don’t taste great but some people make raw hummus with them.


Group participants comments:

For sprouting I soaked overnight. The next day I put them in a colander and rinsed them well and set the colander on a plate with a clean dish towel on top to drain. I then rinsed 2-4 times a day until the sprout was half as long as the bean.

I only share because this was really helpful for my transition diet. But I do believe that pushing forward to only raw greens and fruits is far better for our bodies.

I ate beans in a transition diet. I gave up meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, and processed foods about 2 1/2 years ago. And I did a lot of raw then but I wasn’t ready for raw completely yet. I used soaked and sprouted beans before cooking them because that help eliminate a lot of the lectins. I started with lentils, chickpeas, small red beans, and great northern beans. And I eventually used mostly lentils. And then transitioned to using some raw sprouted lentils and chickpeas. I wanted to do raw but I felt I needed something that gave me the “filled” feel. Each day is different now. I’m still in transition but I don’t used cooked foods anymore. (Although my kids still used cooked foods some). Occasionally, I still use raw sprouted beans or raw bloomed forbidden rice. But I getting to where more and more often I’m satisfied with just a veggie salad or some fruit. I still do some fancy raw meals, and the kids likes those for the most part too.

I think we need to know the direction we are heading and we need to know the pace we can handle without totally giving up. For me, it’s really important to have a good understanding of why I’m making the diet changes and to understand the what detox symptoms are as they arise. Otherwise is easy to doubt and give up. But once you dig in and get past the meat and dairy and eggs and processed food and really start doing raw (especially mostly just fruits and greens) it is so worth it.

As a side note, I still really like to use sprouts like broccoli, sunflower, radish, mung bean, etc

I appreciate peoples comments thank you.


I prefer pulses like lentils and chickpeas to beans, which bother my stomach.

Black beans are good…

For me chickpeas are a no go. I have a high metabolism but slow digestion… so they don’t do well for me.

sprouting neutralises phytic acid and proteins in beans, so it is the best way to eat them, if you want to. any type of bean is ok when sprouted


It depends on your blood type… 😀

All legumes are high in lections which is an antinutrient, which among other things, latches onto carbs and drags them out of the body, which is not a good thing. Here is a good article on lectins. They are highly inflammatory for a lot of people, especially those who already have chronic inflammation. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/anti-nutrients/lectins/

Who is being forced to eat beans? It’s cruel and very unusual punishment!

Fresh peas.

Lentils in my experience

Chickpeas, they’re so versatile. Love pan frying them and getting them crispy and adding them into any dish to deliver some crunchy texture. Good protein, low carb!

Just like Lauren said, chickpeas are definitely the best and are alkaline (dr sebi approved)

Chickpeas gives me awful wind..but that’s when they are cooked..falafel

Sprouted mung beans are awesome