December 12, 2022

Curious why a 2.5 year old boy...


Curious why a 2.5 year old boy could be so allergic to everything. He’s allergic to beef (pig, and chicken is fine for him), dairy, gluten, peanuts, and that’s all I know of. It is not my child but my friends. I’d love to help her heal him. I have tried mentioning a lot to clean up his diet but sometimes people just don’t wanna put in the work of true healing. The child is not vaccinated, but his parents were as children. The dad is also severely overweight and unhealthy. Any tips how I can help her? I genuinely care for her and her son. Their diet isn’t horrible ( no McDonald’s and things like that) … but they still eat pigs, and we all know what that does to our bodies. Please give me some insight. I’m stumped on why a child can have ao many allergies.


Terrain answer:

The child does not have allergies, their body is just working normally to expel poisons. Everything you mentioned is not a suitable substance to go into a human body. Since children still have high vitality their body will repeatedly tell you to stop poisoning it until it runs out of vitality to do so. Responding with detox symptoms to a toxin is what a child’s body is supposed to do.