December 19, 2022

De quervain tenosynovitis


Slightly off, but wondered if anyone had experience advice on dequervain tenosynovitis.
Thanks for reading, any replies, thank you.


Terrain answer:

Any time we see repetitive stress symptoms we have two issues that we are dealing with. One is the unnatural motion creating excess stress on a joint, leading to inflammation and then a lessening of function of the area due to the irritation and inflammation.
However, repeatedly using a part of our body in an unnatural way is often not enough to cause pain or malfunction alone in most healthy bodies. It is the back up of acids in our system, and overall condition of dehydration which leads these repetitive stress injuries into chronic pain issues.
When our system is dehydrated, the acids, which are a result of the overuse of the muscle/tendon cannot easily drain away from the area. Instead they stay around the cells and burn the cells causing pain and malfunction.
Dehydration also means our lymph system, the bodies sewer system, becomes clogged and the acids cannot be transported away from the area of injury very easily. If our diet is not supplying enough alkaline organic minerals in the form of fruits and leafy greens then the body does not have the alkaline minerals necessary to neutralize the acids and repair the muscles/tendons properly.
If our diet has strayed far from the natural diet we are lacking the alkaline minerals necessary to counter normal use of muscles, which is an acid creating process. We are then lacking the minerals necessary to neutralize the repetitive stress acids and since the unnatural foods also strip our body of water instead of providing water as fruits and tender greens do, the body is more dehydrated and the acids more concentrated around the area of injury.
Correcting the issue then requires a two fold approach, one being rest of the injured area and two being a correction of the diet to allow the body to return to a state of alkaline/acid balance and to provide the necessary materials to rebuild the muscle/tendon properly. Alkaline minerals are essential to the structure of our muscle, they give the muscles their strength and rigidity.