January 4, 2022

Debating with my husband. Is having an enlarged pr...


Debating with my husband. Is having an enlarged prostate just part of aging and linked to hormonal changes? He’s 44 and having concerns.


Terrain answer:

Absolutely not. Enlarged organs and glands are a sign of a heavy acid load. The body floods the organs with water to dilute the acids causing swelling and inflammation. This is stage 4 of disease.

We should not have any symptoms as we age. Our bodies should remain in perfect working order throughout our lives if we are not burdening the body with excess acids. Our cells are designed to function the same at 18 as 80, it is only the acid wastes that build over the years which cause the cells to malfunction.


Group participants comments:


Peeing standing up causes prostate problems is what my husband‘s doctor said is what his grandfathers doctor told him to and his family of men pee sitting down and they are doing better with prostate

Regular ejaculations can cure prostate gland.

Curtis Power

Why was my comment removed what rule am I breaking

Definitely NOT a part of aging.. Although, unfortunately, many doctors will say it is!!…
All down to the scourge of being indoctrinated with “disease” and not HEALTH!!…
Being in your mid to late 40s does not mean automatic problems with the prostate… This is just due to toxic build up over the years which needs to be eliminated, and can be done very successfully ☺

Too much avid animal estrogen

Stop eating meat. Do a fast. Eat raw foods for a while. The prostate will return to health

I’ve seen data showing how most guys who get their tubes cut get prostate issues, even cancer way more than those who still have a full flow. Hopefully this isn’t him.

Issue is simple and can ne address in 2-4 days!

Get walking, taking vitamin E… and drinking distilled water

A fruitarian diet will fix that and all problems

Estrogen accumulation enlarges the prostate.

I’m 63. No problems so far, knock on wood.

At one point I read that more ejaculation is better for the prostate. I don’t know if it would help after the concerns show up or not.

I definitely believe it’s not “Normal” but it is common.

It’s toxemia part of an accumulization of toxins in the body

A male friend stopped overloading with all processed meats and the swelling ended.
Yes. Saw Palmetto

I’m pretty sure it’s not a normal part of aging

One of his main symptoms now is frequent urination and weak stream
He says very infrequently it will be slightly painful and feel like it has to come out but not. Hasn’t been checked for an enlarged prostate yet should he check his PSA numbers in his blood work ? He’s had a vasectomy, I was starting to get suspicious it may have something to do with it? thoughts?

Largely caused by western diet – dairy, meat, sugar, refined ‘foods’, low fruit & veg.

When it gets painful tell him to sink his butt in very cold water. Or have a plastic bottle containing frozen water pressed against the area. It won’t fix the underlying cause, but it eases the pain.

Make sure he’s checked by a urologist. Hubby’s primary missed diagnosised it. Happened to be a large bladder stone

Heavy acidic loads lead to your hormones getting thrown off which leads to an even more acidic burden. It’s not the hormones, it’s the acids.

Exercise the prostate.

Conventional medicine says yes. But there must be a terrain answer that’s better than “it just happens”.