December 12, 2022

Does anybody have any info the...


Does anybody have any info they can point me to on young children and fasting?
I suppose we naturally all have been intermittently fasting for a while (hubby, myself, 7yo, 4yo) as we eat dinner about 6-6.30pm usually, and many times won’t eat again til 10-11am the next day..
I have been considering doing some longer fasts myself… I just did 24 hours just now (just me, not the whole family).. but I was considering doing a 48 hour one in the near future.. (we have been eating terribly, for us, for two weeks while we had visitors staying with us)..
I notice that with the (unintended) intermittent fasting, my kids often want to eat before I do mostly (and so does hubby, but his is definitely more so habit / conditioning based, unless he’s exercising).. And mostly I do trust the kids intuition when it comes to their eating, but I’m sure there’s also some habit / conditioning in there too, just much less so with them…
So I don’t really know the different effects of longer fasting on small growing bodies.. So I’d like to know and understand more, before even suggesting a longer fast for them..
Can anyone point me to where I can learn more?


Terrain answer:

Shelton Discusses fasting children in this book And TC Fry discusses it in the Life Science Course.