December 19, 2022

Does Hygenic Diet provide permanent healing?


Does Hygenic Diet provide permanent healing or its something temporary and comes back when triggered by bad diet. Am talking about various health issues e.g Infertility and many more other conditions. Also why do recoverd people when slips back experience the same symptoms


Terrain answer:

If we heal a condition and then go back to eating cooked and processed foods the condition will come back or another condition will result. The body can only remain in a state of health when the conditions of health are kept in place. If we start putting the conditions of disease into place then symptoms of the disease will result.
Often when we have done damage to the body over many years and then we heal on the natural diet the body will be even more sensitive to small indiscretions. The body does not want to go back to the pain and suffering it was in, so it responds aggressively to that indiscretion. This is partly because the body has far more energy available when it is clean and partly because it is no longer under such a tremendous burden that we can actually feel and recognizes its efforts to communicate the harm of the substance.