December 19, 2022

Does our body tend to respond to the same external conditions when detoxing?


Pre Con19 & indoctrination to germ theory I took ClaritinD and Flonase Sept/Oct-Dec/Jan. I would suffer a terrible sinus infection, post nasal drip, coughing, loss of voice and pneumonia every year. Usually when the funky weather went crazy: hot, cold, windy, hot, rain, cold, etc… the coughing would last for weeks, I would take a Zpack and codeine syrup at night to sleep.
Post Con19 and post Terrain model learning I now know it is my body detoxing.
I guess my biggest questions are: does our body tend to respond to the same external conditions when detoxing? why does phlegm change from clear to yellow (infection is what my old brain want to tell me, but is it just a toxin burden)
I thought I would welcome a big detox.
But right now I don’t welcome it at all!!!
I fasted 85 hours bc I felt sinus pressure.
Broke my fast for 48hrs.
Today I am suffering with all the same detox symptom as before the con of 2019: sneezing, coughing, sore throat, so much phlegm, blowing my nose, headache and loss of voice.
I’m back to fasting today.
Since Jan I have eliminated all animal products, refined sugar and coffee.


Terrain answer:

Changes in weather tend to overwork and irritate our bodies which is one reason why we may find that the body starts cleaning itself in those seasons where more extreme weather fluctuations cause a bit more irritation.
The different colors of phlegm appear to be older wastes being released. Clear is a minor current irritation then we move to a white/yellow, then green, then gray.
Great job on fasting through the symptoms. Since you were previously stopping these cleanouts and you have been lifting the burden on your body the last few months, the body will probably want to push out a lot of waste in one go and you probably have more energy right now for the body to do so. It’s definitely not fun when you are going through it, but if you let it clean then each subsequent cleanout will be shorter and less annoying. Try to get as much sleep/rest as you can, that will also help to speed the clean-out process.


In a way I guess you could say it does. The body tends to take the path of least resistance. So wherever it has used a channel in the past it is likely to use that channel again until all healing is complete.