December 12, 2022


Whether it is yourself feeling under the weather or your child, spouse, or even our pets, it is our first instinct to “Just do SOMETHING “. To treat, to comfort, to run to the doctor or the vet for a magic potion, or an utterly meaningless but somehow comforting “diagnosis”. We want to spring into action and save the day.
But when it comes to health, more often than not doing SOMETHING causes far more harm than doing NOTHING (intelligently) .
You see, the problem is, most “sickness” we see on a day-to-day basis is not sickness but the body getting itself well.
If you encounter a toxin, your body creates a COLD to rid itself of the toxin. You cough and sneeze, the body creates mucus for a few days, and when it’s all said and done you are healthier the day after the cold completes than the day that it began.
If you understand how the body heals you probably even fasted through those cold symptoms and got through them in no time at all. BUT…
If you didn’t know how the body works, if you did not understand the terrain and natural hygiene principles then you would probably try to do something to stop that cold. You might eat, you might drink ginger teas or honey, you might even take an OTC cold medication, and your cold will turn from a 24-hour, rapid, and effective cleanout into a 2-3 week or longer marathon of ever-worsening symptoms.
This is what we have been taught to do all our lives. To work against the body. To treat the body cleaning itself as a “disease”, the enemy, something to be battled, something that we must do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to fix.
We are tempted to do it for our pets as well. When we see the eye discharge, the ear gunk, the red skin, the licking of the paws, and the swelling of lumps or bumps as the body cleans and heals itself, we are tempted to run to a vet/doctor for a diagnosis or a remedy or search the internet for how to suppress these healing events.
But for those who understand healing, we understand that the most powerful weapon in our arsenal of health is to do NOTHING intelligently.
This means that when the cleaning symptoms come, we stop putting the cause of our body’s distress in and we let everything flow out unencumbered.
We REMOVE the CAUSE of the initial build-up of waste so that no more waste is going in. This is the intelligent part. Then we sit back and let the body do the work of cleaning itself. This is also the intelligent part. We water fast to get through acute symptoms. We rest. We let the body do the rest. This is again the intelligent part. And when we embrace the awe-inspiring power of the body to heal itself without thinking we need to interfere, we get well, our pets get well, and our loved ones get well.
To Quote Herbert Shelton:
“You don’t need treatment. The fever, inflammation, coughing, etc., constitute the healing process. Just get out of their way and permit them to complete their work. Don’t try to ‘aid’ nature. She doesn’t need your puny aid—she only asks that you cease interfering.”
Attached is an article from Dr. Virginia Vetrano that I read any time I need a reminder that doing something is more harmful than doing nothing intelligently. I hope that you find it as helpful as I have in times of acute healing symptoms when more than anything we needed to sit back and DO NOTHING, INTELLIGENTLY .