December 21, 2022



If the process of dying in a dog is 6 months then what is it in a human? The point of no return?


Terrain answer:

I’m not sure if this is known or not, but I would guess that it is similar to dogs and cats. It’s so rare for a human to live to their natural lifespan and die naturally since nearly every human on the planet eats cooked foods, meat, or dairy products or otherwise injures their body daily. In fact, we have lost sight of the natural lifespan entirely because we have so abused our bodies that even a person who is fed properly from birth is still unlikely to reach a full lifespan due to the damage inflicted upon the previous generations.
However, we do typically see the same types of signs – loss of muscle mass as the body breaks down proteins but does not replenish them, weight loss that starts gradually and then rapidly increases in the weeks leading up to them passing.