December 19, 2022

Ear infection


Could someone please clarify what is an ear “infection”/outfection and why someone could develop an ear infection after swimming?
Is it the buildup of acidic metabolic waste in the body that finds the path of least resistance through the ears? But how does swimming tie into this?


Terrain answer:

Infection in the medical field is when they witness redness, swelling, inflammation and then run a test and find bacteria in the area of the redness/inflammation/irritation.
When we go swimming we are often swimming in toxic chemicals like chlorine, which will cause irritation and inflammation. In addition, getting water into our ears can also cause inflammation and irritation, just like how you can get skin irritation if your skin is wet for too long.
It’s also possible that the act of swimming can for some people pump the lymph enough to trigger excess waste to move into the ears for expulsion. Often times it is probably a little bit from both. Lymph being pumped moves old waste and since the ears are already working to expel the toxins from the chlorinated water the other waste just follows the path of expulsion that is already working on expelling waste/toxins.