December 7, 2022

Eat Fruit, not fat, save your...

Eat Fruit, not fat, save your life. Most people have no idea how much fat they are truly eating. Eating Fat makes you fat, shortens your life and leads to a stagnant lymphatic system and dirty internal terrain. Eggs are 62% fat – definitely not a health food, Hamburger 59.6% fat, Salmon 40.3% fat, Even skinless chicken breast is 23.6% fat and don’t forget the added Oils – Coconut, Olive, Vegetable, they are all 100% fat with zero nutritional value. None of these foods are safe even in small quantities.
See what happens to your blood flow when you eat a high fat meal. Your blood turns to sludge on meat, dairy, oil and other high fat foods. Do you want sludge blood?