December 19, 2022



One thing I’ve seen little discussion of (and no files on) is the use of enzymes therapeutically, i.e. away from food or between meals. I took a class on enzymes once, and it was very clear on their ability to assist the immune system. And since we know the meaning in that class is different then what we know here, maybe they can assist in the detox process?
I very much appreciate Lauren’s consistent message. There are people out there who ‘do everything right’ and still ‘get sick’. While it can very likely be that those people are simply missing something, it’s my personal belief that the advent of artificial electricity and new wave forms have and are actively putting us behind the 8 ball, so to speak. The more we get exposed to, the more difficult it becomes to stay balanced as our bodies are forced to adapt to the new energies.
I don’t want to get into that debate, but for the sake of it being true, is it possible that enzymes could be the one thing we could supplement to help?


Terrain answer:

We don’t have files on the use of any drugs or poisons that are used to apply to the body to stop or interfere with the body’s natural processes. The use of therapeutics is in direct opposition to the terrain model. We only work with the body’s own natural healing processes, not against it.
The body has no use for isolates. It doesn’t matter if the isolate is a vitamin, mineral, enzyme, or anything else. Outside of their natural sources in our natural foods, all isolates are harmful to the body. Everything the body requires is in its food in the correct combinations and the right forms and balance to be used by the body. When we apply isolates to the body we create a deficiency of other elements because whatever we are taking in excess requires to be balanced. This means whatever balances the excess is pulled out of the body’s reserves leading to deficiency.
If you are doing everything right for a while then you should be “getting sick”. Symptoms are not the enemy, not something to be avoided. They are the solution to the cooked foods we have eaten in the past. If we have eaten unnaturally, eaten cooked foods for most of our life then when we stop putting the burden on the body for a while, the body should have enough energy to start to clean itself. The only people who should never get “sick” are the people who have lived since birth on raw whole fruits and greens and are able to avoid air fresheners, disinfectants, and other irritants in their environment or the people who transitioned years ago and already went through the deep cleaning the body required.
Regarding the class on enzymes, if one believes they have an immune system full of soldiers battling invading microscopic beasties and they believe the body’s cleaning processes are the body being laid low by microscopic beasties, then they will naturally believe that applying poison to the body that stops the cleaning symptom is beneficial to the “immune system”. Since we know from the terrain model and detox processes that the symptoms themselves are beneficial and stopping them leads to chronic disease we know that the unnatural substance being applied that is stopping the body from its cleaning symptoms is harmful.
No, isolated enzymes cannot help the body, they can only poison the body and force it to work harder. Any increase in detox symptoms after the application of enzymes is a result of the body trying to rapidly eliminate the enzymes themselves. As this happens the body is drained of energy and unable to do other cleanings, so by taking the enzyme we actually end up slowing down healing by draining energy away on the elimination of the enzyme that could have been used for healing purposes. The same as taking an herb.
As for artificial electricity, if this theory was true then all people everywhere would be in a state of chronic disease all the time with no ability to get “sick” aka have colds, flu, CV, or other cleaning events. Our bodies don’t adapt to new energies. Our body creates energy out of chemistry. The food we eat is used to create chemical reactions which create energy. The idea of electricity or 5g or any of the other “man-made killers” causing disease always relies on the lie that colds and flu are diseases instead of the healing processes they are. So at best all these people can really claim is that they see a correlation between 5g, et al and people healing more.