December 19, 2022

Fairly new member here. I’ve r...


Fairly new member here. I’ve recently learned about The Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory like some here in the last few months for the first time since this crap started in March. I have a friend who has been experiencing sores on her arms (just arms) that are very itchy and she feels like she is burning from the inside out. Icing her arms helps but they are not going away. She is very healthy person. Vegetarian, thin, works out. She is in her early 60s. Has a stressful job that she has been in for over 12 years. The sores itch, and are painful. She has no other symptoms and does not take medication for anything. My theory is her body is reacting to stress because these started coming out around April. She was very stressed out about this whole Covid thing….not because she is scared but because she is angry and stressed out about how much it has been exaggerated and also is very disturbed seeing everyone wearing unnecessary masks and what this has done to people losing their jobs, closing businesses, etc. She has been to a naturopath but they can’t figure out what it is. Is this her body detoxing? If so, why so long? It’s been 6 months. Thanks for any input.


Terrain answer:

She feels like she is burning from the inside out because she is. Acid wastes trapped inside the body burn. When they are pushed out through the skin they burn the skin.