December 12, 2022



Hi everyone. I am after some help with fleas on my animals.
My cats are raw fed meat and bones and have been for over a year, my dog has fruit/veggie days (separate meals) and meat/bone days with time in-between. He has been fed this way since he was 6 months old, now 2.
I can’t work it out. Is this not long enough for them to clean out?
The dog is going crazy scratching.
Any help to eliminate these pests from my home and the animals would be very much appreciated.


Terrain answer:

I really don’t think even the cleanest diet can keep fleas from finding a home on dogs or cats. A clean diet can often help with the flea issue not becoming a major infestation, but it cannot keep them away entirely.
The best approach to fleasĀ seems to be a multipronged approach. First, bathe the dog in a citrus based soap. Get a thick, rich lather on the dog and let it sit for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. This will hopefully kill all the current fleas, but it cannot get rid of the eggs, so you will need to repeat the bath every few days to a week until they are completely gone.
In between baths, wash all the dogs bedding in hot water with white vinegar to get rid of the flea eggs. Thoroughly vacuum daily all areas where the dog or cat has been. If you can limit their activity to just one or two rooms that will make your life much easier.
Use a flea comb and a dish of soapy water daily to catch any fleas on them in between baths. Comb through their fur and then dip the comb in soapy water to kill the fleas.
Sprinkle table salt in any carpet and on dog beds or use DE, this will dry up the eggs and the fleas killing them.
In your yard you can plant citronella, rosemary and other plants that repel fleas.
Cats are very sensitive to essential oils, so use care with any soaps that have essential oils in them.
Fleas are a pain. I’m sorry you are dealing with that.