December 19, 2022

Flu jabs in schools UK


So here in the UK the primary schools have just had there flu jabs! Secondary’s seem to be running it later this year. My son never has them however there are lots of school children off sick right now and I mean a lot! and Strep A is being massively pushed! my son too is off and what started as a standard detox has turned into a persistent cough! he has been drinking lots and eating fruit only, I am guessing this is a combination of Seasonal detox, not long since halloween so lots candy consumption, flu jabs, years of mask wearing, sanitising etc oh and some taking experimental maxine’s (my son has not had any of this stuff but does eat a lot of fruit alongside some cooked food) just curious as to everyone’s thoughts why so many off at once like this (one boy in my sons school has been hospitalised) we are UK


Terrain answer:

Tis the season.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter is the detox season because we have so many social events where we go above and beyond the daily poisoning, overindulging on the worst, most burdensome of our dietary indiscretions.
Then because more people are detoxing from their overindulgences the world pulls out the poisonous disinfectant sprays and we all start inhaling the poisons and coughing them out.