December 19, 2022

Flu/rona symptoms, contagion


Question: my mom came back from California with flu/rona symptoms. A few days after she returned, my husband and I started to exhibit same symptoms. How could this have happened if we live in a remote/rural rainforest in HI, drink only water we catch ourselves and practically live in our own little bubble?
Why did the detox get passed from someone who had just traveled to people on an island and isolated?


Terrain answer:

What do you eat? What did you eat before? Have you ever eaten cooked foods, meat, dairy, eggs, rice, beans, grains, etc? If you have eaten any of those substances then your body has material it needs to clean out.
The water you catch has little to do with your state of health. Clean water is a requirement of health but very few people, aside from those living in poverty conditions with poor hygiene have to worry about quality of water as it relates to disease causation. We should be getting our primary hydration from our foods, fruits and leafy greens.
The body can trigger a cold/flu clean out of the system any time the body is exposed to an irritant, any time we have excess stress, anytime we overindulge and push the body over the edge. We can get cold/flu symptoms if we inhale disinfectant or other “cleaning” chemicals, we can get them by overworking the body with too much excitement or stress, we can get them by overworking the body with too much food. We can even get them if we overeat on ideal foods.
The body has tolerance limits, above that limit the body can trigger a cleanout at any moment.
Why does this sometimes happen to 2 or more people in proximity to one another?
1. See the birthday paradox
2. Nearly every human on the planet eats outside of their physiological requirements meaning their bodies are loaded with excess waste and can be pushed over the tolerance limit at any time by any increase in stress on the body.
3. Stress/excitement of a new person in our environment is often enough to push a burdened body over its limit.
4. Family/friends visiting introduces new environmental irritants into our environment which can trigger a clean out.
5. Reduction of stress, returning home after a trip or taking a few days to rest more can also generate additional energy for the body to clean itself.
The question we should be asking is, with everyone’s bodies so toxic, is why isn’t everyone detoxing all the time. The answer to that question is of course lack of available nerve energy/limits of nerve energy.


Why would the natural laws of cause and effect not apply all the time?
It sounds like you do not have a solid foundation in the science and so you are thinking there are exceptions to natural law, but in reality it is just holes in our understanding that lead us to thinking there are exceptions.