December 12, 2022

Food after surgery


I’m having surgery in ten days. What are the best foods to aid in speedy healing?


Terrain answer:

Foods do not aid in recovery. It is the absence of long digestion times that allows the body to dedicate more energy to healing that aids in recovery.
Foods only have the ability to harm or be neutral. The body takes all action, if a food is harmful the body takes action against the food to expel it and repair the damage. If a food is neutral the body takes action against the food to break it down and assimilate the nutrients.
When we do something as damaging to the body as surgery the body needs every ounce of energy to repair all of the damage. The nerves need to be rebuilt, the skin needs to be rebuilt, all of the surgery drugs that poison the body need to be expelled. Its a massive burden the body has to recover from.
The best course is of course to avoid the surgery altogether if possible, since surgery never removes the cause of disease, often removes essential parts of the body and causes tremendous damage to the body which the body then needs to heal on top of whatever caused the issue in the first place. Surgery should be avoided by fasting – water fasting.
If for some reason after fasting the issue still remains and surgery becomes necessary, then fasting should be used after the surgery to allow the body to dedicate all of its energy to surviving the injuries of the surgery and repairing all of those injuries.