December 7, 2022

Food for thought …because fo...

Food for thought
…because food is what you can control.
We did NOT adapt to the ability to remove toxins AFTER we started creating them. Our bodies have ALWAYS had the ability to “detox”, to remove harmful foreign matter and to repair cells on a cell by cell level when they become damaged by a toxin.
Because even before humans made our own industrial toxins we still had environmental toxins, Volcano’s erupting, Fires burning, sulfur pits, for example, that we are designed to filter out and remove.
But what has changed and had the most impact in that change is our DIET.
Yes we may be spewing more chemicals into the air and yes we may be putting more chemicals on our bodies, in our water, etc but the thing we do most often and has the most impact, 3 meals a day, 365 days a year, for our entire lives, is EAT the Wrong foods.
Wrong foods clog the Sewer System (our lymphatic system and elimination channels) and stop the body from being able to eliminate the other toxic crap.
Wrong foods compounded by generation after generation’s mistakes in eating are magnified into our children and grandchildren.
If we eat as biologically designed the sewer systems stays hydrated and flows rapidly allowing the bodies natural detox processes to handle the other toxins.
But we cannot effectively remove those toxins if the lymph system (sewer) is clogged from mucus forming foods. If we eat unnatural foods, mucus forming foods, chemical laden fake foods, then the body becomes clogged and overwhelmed. Unable to remove the everyday onslaught of toxicity.
This means that when we encounter these toxins or when we overindulge in wrong foods and send our bodies into emergency clean out mode instead of normal elimination through the kidneys and bowels the body must trigger a more extreme healing event, the healing crisis, the “flu”, the “cold”, the rash, the acne, the diarrhea or vomiting, the fungal outbreak, the itchy or burning skin, etc.
And with each of these events we further drain our energy tanks. We drain our nerve energy. Eventually if we keep abusing our bodies with wrong foods, the batteries run low, we run out of nerve energy and can no longer mount these healing events. Then the body moves into survival mode, creating inflammation, induration then Tumors and Cancer.
So we must think of ourselves as an energetic being which has a finite amount of energy. Each action, each meal digested is a drain to that energy if it is an inappropriate food for our biology. And each action required to remove the debris left over from a wrong food meal is energy not available to remove an environmental toxin.
Eat Fruit and Be Well my Friends