November 27, 2020

For the last 15 years or so, I’d wake up and reach...


For the last 15 years or so, I’d wake up and reach for a thyroid pill. First thing. Every day.

In about August I came across this group, started learning and applying its teachings. I decided to wean myself off of the pills so I convinced a doctor to prescribe me a reduced dose. After 3 months, I tested better than normal. Yay!

So in trying to convince the doctor to reduce my dose further to the lowest possible (25 micrograms), he surprisingly listened and said he could feel my positive energy and determination, so he agreed to take my off completely.

After 15 years. I am OFF of thyroid pills! Yay!
The darn pills were the last crutch holding me to allopathic medicine.

EDIT: more background info the comments

EDIT 18 months since initial post: 18 months on and I’ve never looked back. Feel better than ever.


Terrain answer:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the likes, shares and comments! Didn’t expect such great responses! I feel very encouraged and celebrated!

For those interested, I can share more background.

I was diagnosed in my early 20’s.
My levels were within the normal but approaching the end of the spectrum. My mother is severely hypo, so her specialist was quick to diagnose me.

I started on the tiniest dose of 25micrograms.
After a few years it went up to 50, then 75, which I had been on for about a decade.

I can’t say I experienced severe symptoms of hypothyroidism, so more recently I had started to wonder about the possibility that I was misdiagnosed.
If you’re in this group you might know that doctors largely don’t have a clue about how the body works and are far too quick to diagnose.
Almost every female I meet is on Thyroid meds. That can’t be right, can it?

Regardless, whatever is in the pill (largely a mystery considering big Pharma is “judicially” guilty of lack of transparency) is toxic.
If it’s truly hormones, then according to the principle of efficiency our infinitely intelligent bodies operate under, when given a crutch, the body will take it.
In other words, after 15 years it’s very likely that my body didn’t feel the need to produce thyroid hormones and was dependent on the pill.

So even if I was misdiagnosed, my body was clearly still dependent on it.
So how to break this dependency?

For me, it was a lot of positive thinking, determination, radical diet changes and largely guess work.
I did my best and put my money on my body’s ability to heal.

Who knows how my body did it, and if it did much at all.
Perhaps the pill is just toxic chemicals and no hormone? Who knows?

My part was to understand what humans are designed to ingest and most importantly, what NOT to.
Health is obtained by subtraction, not addition.

I eliminated or severely reduced from my diet:
– caffeine (was a 2-cup a day coffee drinker for decades)
– teas
– salt
– cooked foods
– herbs
– most veggies except some occasional leafy greens

(I had already been vegan for 3.5 years and ate mostly veggies, grains and nuts)

I ate fruit. Fruit and more fruit.
Every bite was the best bite of my life.
I picked up fruit from neighbours with fruit trees, bought the best organic fruit I could find and ate it. Fruit. Fruit. Fruit.
Did I mention I LOVE fruit?

EDIT: I asked the doctor to lower my dose from 75 to 50 in September. Got my test result last week TSH 0.85 which is fantastic for a hypo.
My goal was to convince the doctor to prescribe me 25 (lowest dose) for the next few months, but he himself suggested the 50 is likely not doing anything and that I could just stop.

PS: I’m male, 42, 5’10”, 140lbs, fit and active

EDIT2: This is a tiny battle only, I still have almost 4 decades of toxicity to clean up. But the future is bright. I do not fear pathogens, or chronic disease.


I’m so very happy for your success in that department … truly


Group participants comments:

Anne Peploe

Great news, do you still have your thyroids intact ?

Amazing! Do you have a thyroid?

An ER doctor I work for just told me synthesis has a long life in the body. I could go for 2 days without taking it and would be fine. But I should not go with out it for 3 or more days. It got me thinking about taking it every other day to stretch out my last twenty pills. I need a new doctor and a new prescription . I totally want off it .
The whole reason I got in it was that I had a goiter growing and was severely depressed, not seeing actual colors , ran a low body temp of 95.6. And I was losing hair!
Synthroid gave me life again.
I just had a severe virus this last February and am now losing hair for the last 11-12 weeks. I had hair to my bum. It is now cut short to my collar bone and still falling out.
I am so not wanting MORE hair loss from screwing up my thyroid meds!
I need to look into iodine

Doris Michelle

Could I please ask which thyroid issue you had? I have Graves Disease and have been off my meds for a few years but often feel symptomatic. I’m only 3 years in to my natural journey and find so much information on here conflicting. I haven’t yet transitioned to Terrain, but am feeling encouraged to keep reading everything I can about it.

I was diagnosed with either Hashimotos or Graves Disease. I wouldn’t let the endocrinologist do the horrible evasive test just to know which one. She was fine with that and admitted that it makes no difference as they medicate based on the blood test numbers any ways. I had suffered with terrible symptoms for about 25 years. I took the meds for about 3 months months weaned myself off them, cutting the pills in half, then in fourths, then nothing. My numbers have been normal since and I still have my thyroid! They claimed I would need the meds for the rest of my life. F that!!

Well done!!!!!

Gabriel Freeman Gabriel Freeman Gabriel Freeman

Great story bud well done..

This is why we have to filter our water…fluoride causes thyroid trouble, my brother got his thyroid trouble after drinking tap water in the West Midlands

I hope others find help from this story.

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This is such wonderfully inspirational. Does it work also work for those who had the thyroid removed? Thank you.

Stella Kazazis

Do you have a thyroid gland?

Me too was on 200mcg daily about 15 years now totally free.

Andrew Andrew

I tried to come off my levothyroxine but did it cold turkey without doctors knowledge and six months later felt awful. Did you do anything different at the same time?

How did you heal your thyroid?

Narelle Stoll read ⬆

Justine Mcmillan ❤

Donna George

Thank you for being true to yourself, Andre Antonio

Best part is, the journey has just begun! 🙂

Gabriel Gabriel

Great news, so happy for you.


Awesome. After 36 years of toxic levothyroxine, which caused NAFLD, I too am weaning, with porcine thyroid. Never felt so good for years. More mentally sharp.
Not seen a doctor or had a TSH test yet.
I want to ditch allopathic doctor too. 1. They no little and are of no use, 2 cant see a doctor anyway.
3. They only push jabs if you are on their books.

I took myself off cholesterol, and BP meds and got my life back

Andre Antonio, What is the name of meds you were on?

I am SO happy to hear this Andre Antonio! I desperately want to be off my thyroid meds too but have decided now is not the time as we are trying to start a family. Will try after pregnancy/nursing. I want to know what you did. Please Andre would you share? I’m SO encouraged that after years you did this!!

I stopped them and my labs are normal

Please share; I am on Armour thyroid but was just told from a recent Metatron scan it is my PARAthyroid that is struggling; but it is odd most PCP’s only know to check thyroid. It’s like that quick fix for everyone no matter what. I resisted all thyroid meds until this past March age 53; then Oct; after this Metatron scan it was clear it was my parathyroid
Keep searching is the take away

Did you basically go on a mostly fruit diet?

Congratulations! Were you on levothyroxine?

Wow! That’s awesome!
I too take a thyroid tablet every morning & I too have thought about NOT taking it since discovering this page! I’d love to know how your journey began…

Good on you! Taking health into your own hands! It’s like Robert Scott Bell says,”The power to heal is YOURS!”

Thank you for sharing!

Did you eat food rich in Iodine?

I would love to know what you did too…..well done


Andre AntonioI’m trying do the same. Would you let me know in a private message how you did this? I’m on 0.05mg. I want to be off. I’m so jealous of you right now. I’m only 32 and I been on it since I was 21. It’s literally the only med I take. I don’t even take Advil or anything else. How did you do it?

It never ceases to amaze

Great job

I’m so happy that this information has allowed you to start taking your power back. You’re gonna go far, Andre, and we’ll be right here supporting you the whole way ❤

Congratulations…. I love to hear success stories. Health is the true wealth. Continue on the path to true health.