December 7, 2022

For those who want the benefit...


For those who want the benefits of the knowledge of Terrain Model but don’t have time, or perhaps the desire to read The Life Science Course in its entirety in the pdf form (found here:… )
I have recently been reminded that there is a video series on YouTube, which can be downloaded and converted to mp3 format to listen to in the car or on various devices wherever you choose. So far she has 49 of the 101 chapters uploaded. Hopefully she will continue to upload and complete the course, but it is a tremendous resource for those who don’t have the time to read all 2295 pages of the course. The playlist can be found here.…


Terrain answer:

Gail Marcia Are you able to watch YouTube videos on your phone? Here is the first 49 Lessons of the Life Science PDF in video format.