December 12, 2022

Frugivore healing deafness?


Is there any frugivore who were deaf and now are able to hear? Any personal testimonies to this?


Terrain answer:

Well, I don’t have any personal experience with deaf humans that I recall, but I have had 3 deaf dogs. Bean and Happy both fully recovered their hearing. Bean also was almost entirely blind from cataracts and had dementia and seizures. All of his conditions healed. Happy was deaf, had vestibular disease and a grapefruit sized tumor on her spleen. She was considered terminal and both the shelter and the rescue vet told us she had days to a few weeks to live. Not only did her hearing return but she healed the Cancer completely and lived another 2.5 years in pristine health and passed peacefully of old age. Our newest rescue Charlie has very limited hearing but I am confident that his hearing will improve over time.