December 12, 2022

Fruits for dogs?


Are any fruits not suitable for dogs thnx?


Terrain answer:

Just to clarify grapes are a safe and important part of the natural species appropriate diet for dogs. The grape myth was created in the 1980’s and only exists in the US. Grapes are part of commercial dog food in many other countries.
Since the medical industry created the grape myth in the 1980’s, and exclusively in the US, they have used it as a scapegoat to shift the blame from their own actions. Commonly vets apply drugs to dogs that have eaten grapes in which the drugs themselves include side effects of death. If a customer brings in their dog and says they have eaten grapes they are immediately rushed into treatment which can include pumping the stomach, forcing vomiting and then applying a long list of drugs. When one reads the black box warning on these drugs, liver failure and kidney failure are prime “side effects” (aka known, purposeful effects) of these drugs. When the dog dies from the drug poisoning, the blame is placed on the harmless fruit and it is used as a story to reinforce the grape myth. The grape myth is a great money maker for the industry, since most dogs love grapes they are one of the top foods that dogs will take “accidentally” which means a lot of customer willing to pay thousands for an ER visit to save their dog from a harmless fruit.