December 19, 2022

Gallbladder removal


Hi What’s the terrain model thoughts on gallbladder removal ?


Terrain answer:

All organs are essential to the body. There is no way to remove an essential part of the organism and not cause tremendous harm and alter the operations of the body drastically. Gallbladder issues self resolve when their cause is removed. An organ which has been cut out of the body can never be replaced and the damage to the body is extensive. Most people can survive a gallbladder removal surgery but their digestion is never the same again. In a truly healthy body the organ might regrow if enough of the gallbladder cells were left behind by the surgeon, like how people regrow their thyroid years after it has been removed, but its more common to hear about a thyroid regrowing than a gallbladder.


Itis means inflammation so appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix. It is mostly caused by a low fiber, high protein, high irritation diet.
Old dry fecal matter becomes impacted around the appendix and the opening becomes blocked causing the appendix to swell. Fasting will rapidly correct the issue, but instead the medical industry removes the essential organ which houses bacteria essential to digestion.