December 7, 2022

Garlic is commonly touted as “...

Garlic is commonly touted as “a natural antibiotic” as though that is a benefit to our health, killing our own bacteria. Garlic contains a potent irritant called allicin. This is why raw garlic burns your mouth when you eat it. Onions also contain allicin.
Our bodies warn us against eating such substances. In the case of onions the warning is rather extreme. The allicin is so irritating that it burns the eyes and the body begins to tear up to protect the sensitive tissues.
The below Lesson from the Life Science Course goes into more detail on why we should NOT eat Onions or Garlic if we are trying to maintain LIFE in our bodies.
Remember, the bacteria that all antibiotics kill is our own bacteria. It is our own healthy cells which have shifted form to survive in a more toxic environment. It is our own LIFE that we are killing on a cellular level when we kill the bacteria.