January 4, 2023

Gerd or reflux


Anybody in this group have any issues with Gerd or reflux they were able to resolve? My GI doctor suspects weak LES muscle.
I had success with diet change coming off PPI meds a year and a half ago, unfortunately it has come back this month and I am struggling.


Terrain answer:

Gerd and Reflux are both easily corrected by returning to our natural foods. These digestion issues are a result of the body being forced to digest things that it is not suited to digest. When we are young and have lots of vitality our bodies can handle more dietary indiscretion, but over time this drains our system and we become less and less able to process those difficult-to-digest materials. Our system becomes less tolerant to dietary indiscretion and is less able to sustain the digestive enzymes necessary to break down these unsuitable substances. Returning to our natural foods allows the body to digest easily and symptoms then self-correct quickly because we are not burdening our digestion with unsuitable substances.