December 12, 2022

Going through cold/flu like sy...


Going through cold/flu like symptoms. Day# 4.
The upper back pain is almost unbearable.
Fasted for first two days, then eating lightly, juicy fruits only.
Is there a way to alleviate the pain?
****UPDATE: I actually posted this last week, but I know there was a backlog in the approval of posts due to high volume…
I since recovered! I had to test to attend my son’s activities and for what it’s worth I was positive for C-19 on day#4 and now negative a week later. My only symptoms were fever and intense upper back pain, to the extend I almost cried. 4 full days. Constant warm baths were the only thing that would ease the pain.
I fasted 3 out of the 4 days and then again 2 days a week later.
I know I’d overindulged with food over the holidays, so when my fiancée fell “sick”, I thought to myself I wanted to detox too, so I did, 2 days after him! The only thing that puzzles me is how toxins are removed from the body when there are no any expulsion events like runny nose or couth…did they get stuck in the muscles of my back?…


Terrain answer:

I’m sorry you are not feeling well. Have things improved? Generally the only things we can do is get as much sleep as possible and increase our water consumption to help dilute the acids. Sometimes moving around, going for a short walk can help to move stagnant lymph. If you are fasting just make sure to get up slowly to avoid any dizziness and listen to your body, don’t push the exercise too hard.