December 12, 2022

Good evening, I’m wondering if...


Good evening, I’m wondering if anyone can help with a bit of advice. My 11 month old daughter has been snotty lately. She doesn’t seem to have a cold or anything like that but she’s got a lot of mucus(I think that’s the correct word) coming out of her eyes and ears.
I looked online and it said that because babies cannot blow their nose that any part connected to the sinuses will leak. Over the past week she’s had one ear leaking. We’ve cleaned it daily and it started to clear up but now it’s coming back and is starting to look a bit red but I don’t think there is any infection yet.
We called the GP who basically didn’t care, he just said I’ll give her some antibiotics. He didn’t ask her to come in to see what the actual issue was, he just fobbed us off without offering any advice and like a typical GP just offered meds.
Is there any way that we can help stop this before it gets infected. I don’t want to give her any antibiotics and I also don’t want her to suffer. Thanks


Terrain answer:

Message from the OP with additional details: “Hi, I cannot reply in to people on my post due to a stupid Facebook ban. Our daughter hasn’t had any of her vaccinations at all in a reply to the woman saying the toxins have come via a needle.