December 12, 2022

Good people I wonder if you co...


Good people I wonder if you could help me with my understanding of my father in laws situation. I appreciate that medical diagnosis cannot be made so am not looking for that. He had a heart attack just over a week ago and we are now visiting him, he has been home for three days. He has fluid on his lungs and his feet and ankles are very swollen. The doctor has told him not to drink more than 1.5 litres of fluid each day, coffee and whisky are acceptable fluids. I suspect after 90 years of cooked food he is seriously dehydrated and wonder if hydrating him properly would solve the fluid retention better than the drugs he has been given. The fluid on his lungs is due to his heart being weak, which is probably due to the blood pressure medication he has been on for decades, so will hydrating properly with plenty of water/ fresh fruit help with the fluid on the lungs? Many thanks for your thoughts.


Terrain answer:

The body brings fluids to areas where acids are concentrated in order to dilute the acids. “The solution to pollution is dilution.” Whenever there are areas of high acid concentration the body will attempt to remove those acids. If the body cannot r … See more