December 12, 2022

Greetings,group members.i am s...


Greetings,group members.i am submitting,for your consideration,a follow-up to my post from 3/21.i am hoping for administration approval of both my original post,as well as this post.
On Sunday I had an experience.i had a laceration on the right side of my head,and damaged ligaments in my right shoulder, and left knee/lower leg.i am grateful that I didn’t break any bones,nor have a severe concussion.
Since Sunday,March 20,when I fell down the stairs,my pain has diminished,and I am already able to bear some weight on my left leg.i am even able to get around the house without assistance
I attribute my speedy recovery to mostly: listening to my body and staying out of the way,not interfering with the natural healing process.i followed through with my plan to fast and rest,then eat only juicy fruits,and not take any “treatments”
As I said,I am getting around much better
I highly recommend this approach,should you sustain these types of injuries.if you have read this post,I thank you for your time and attention


Terrain answer:

Sorry for the delay in approving the other post. I approved it here: