December 19, 2022

Gum recession


Good morning! So I just listened to the most recently listened to the latest Q&A, specifically on the dental portion. Thank you for creating that.
I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts as it pertains to gum recession. I do know that bone loss can cause gum recession, so that may be what i’m experiencing here, but my gum recession is on my lower front teeth, none of which have had any fillings and all ‘seem’ to be in the best condition as far as my teeth go.
Brief history: I spent 6 months transitioning (70%), then 3 months super strict, then 2 months I would say 90%, but in that 2 month I was heavily pounding citrus including juicing 6-8 oranges every morning. This is when I started noticing very fast recession, like a mm or two in this time period. None of those teeth are loose, but the gums are dropping fast. I’ve slowed that down but it still seems to be progressing.
Anyone have any ideas as to what that is exactly? Is it the same thing that’s discussed in the videos? Some people have said I could be detoxing acids out heavily in the mouth and that could be eroding it. If anyone has any hard info pertaining to that it would be super helpful. Thanks!


Terrain answer:

Sometimes the gums will recede as the body pushes acids out through the mucus membranes in the gums. This will typically self correct given time.
If oranges are unripe they can be a little acidic, so its possible they are causing a little irritation as well. Do you rinse your mouth after drinking the OJ? That can help.
Also, how is your greens consumption? A lot of dental issues can be corrected simply by eating more salads and chewing thoroughly to exercise our jaws and teeth.