December 12, 2022

Had my eyes tested today. From...


Had my eyes tested today.
From what I understand, cataracts are a cholesterol thing.
Before I started following this lifestyle I was taking bilberry which helps with cataracts. I know people who’s cataracts stopped progressing since taking it & someone who reversed it. I never had cataracts. I stopped taking the bilberry 16 months ago. Also from what I understand this lifestyle also recommends not wearing sunglasses, which i stopped doing too.
My eye test today is apparently showing early signs of cataracts
My eyesight has also deteriorated. I never needed distance glasses now I do.
I’ve read about people who ditched their glasses after eating this way. Am I damaging my eyes not wearing sunglasses?
I’m very tempted to start the bilberry again & start wearing sunglasses
Can someone explain to me why someone who is eating high fruit low fat might be showing early signs of cataracts where it wasn’t showing before on animal protein, high fat, sunglasses & bilberry?


Terrain answer:

Cataracts are a type of scar tissue which is a result of acid wastes coming out through the eyes causing a build up on the lens of the eye. The cataract is put in place by the body to protect the cells from the waste being expelled.