June 1, 2022

Had toothache infection in a broken tooth which ju...


Had toothache infection in a broken tooth which just had small bits left in the gum after taking painkillers and ibuprofens untill making the dentist…I never ate yesterday from half 3 in the afternoon and broke my minifast with blackberrys this mooning…a little bit sore but feel like it’s going away could the fast helped this along at all??


Terrain answer:

The pain pills slow the healing, the fasting speeds the healing. When we fast the body can dedicate all of its energy to the healing process, expelling the broken tooth and healing the gum area around the tooth.


Group participants comments:

Broken tooth..painful. Fasting vs. crown..?

I had a toothache flare up throb last year and I was reminded I had seen this guys video so I just fasted and rested and it went away .. I’ve been to dentist for a couple cleanings since and nothing I have no issues .. in the past I would have called dentist right away https://youtu.be/Ti-1he3yOuQ

AsA retired dentist. If your tooth is broken down to the extent you describe it needs to be extracted as it is now toxic. This could lead to septicaemia or death if you do not deal with this correctly