December 7, 2022

Happy Monday Terrain Family! W...

Happy Monday Terrain Family!
We are currently living in a highly unstable and uncertain time period with a lot of stress and a lot to potentially be concerned about. Everyday we see more and more reports from people trying to sort out the various agendas which may or may not be the future plans of the powers that be. Let’s call these “Conspiratruths”.
The problem is, in most cases, there is simply no reliable way to sort the truths from the controlled opposition and there is a lot of controlled opposition out there right now.
But the real problem is, most of the Conspiratruth agendas, whether they will come true or not, whether they are true or not, are negative focused and mostly out of our personal control. They drain our energy while being out of our control to fix. This is intentional. The more fear they create, the more disease they create.
Now, the intention of this group is to teach the Terrain Model.
Terrain Model empowers people to take control of their life and live without fear. Terrain Model provides the long term proven way to keep control of your health by keeping your Inner Terrain Clean.
Terrain Model has been used for more than 150 years to reverse disease and protect from external toxins.
Terrain Model gives you the power to focus on what you can control, on what you can fix and to focus your energy in a positive direction that will get positive results for you and a ripple effect outward to others near and dear to you.
Let us remember that: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe (s)he can achieve.”
The more energy we dedicate to these things we don’t want to see the more we manifest them. The more energy we dedicate to that which we want to see, the more we manifest a more positive world.
I think it would better suit everyone to shift the focus to more of what we can do to be in control of our future then to ruminate on what may or may not be the agenda of someone who may or may not have the power to do what they want to do.
We can not change natures laws but we can certainly disobey any of man’s laws.
It’s like the difference between being angry that the environment is being destroy vs going out and cleaning up, planting trees, not spending your money at corporations that pollute, etc. We can guess and assume or we can simply choose not to participate in the false world of civilized society and create a society we want to see.
So lets use this post as an opportunity to talk about positive change that we can all participate in. What can we do as single individuals to bring about the positive world we want to see? Where can we focus our energy on an individual level, or by joining groups of like minded people to “Be the change we wish to see in the world?”