December 12, 2022

Has anyone seen the teeth improve on this? Fruits


There is one topic that frugivores or fruitarians ignore or reject or are not used to talking about. It is the fact that almost all the fruits we eat have been manipulated in one way or another through the ages, either completely or only to some extent, over the last decades, centuries or even further. And I’m not talking about GMO’s here, but just selection. This means that man has selected and hybridized fruits so that they become more and more palatable and much sweeter than they were originally, a long time ago. THE QUESTION IS: Aren’t all these fruits much too sweet for our health? And isn’t this perhaps the reason why our brains are bigger than those of other animals? In that case, we are eating a kind of tampered food that has perverted our biology and our very nature. And the consequences are all the human degeneracy that everyone can see and that does not exist in any other living creature…
What are your reflections, knowledge and analysis on these issues?


Terrain answer:

This myth ignores all of the frugivores in nature who are not being fed by man’s hand. Yes, humans have selectively bred some fruits to appeal to us more than their original counterparts. However, this should merely garner a shrug and so what? response. Humans are not the only frugivores on this rock, we are just the only ones foolish enough to think we aren’t frugivores.