December 7, 2022

Has someone treated you like y...

Has someone treated you like you are crazy for trying to explain that germs don’t cause disease? Do people call you a conspiracy nut or otherwise dismiss your intelligent well thought out arguments?
As we are all learning the Terrain Model and unlearning the Germ Myth there are times where we want to share this information and awaken the world. Yet, as we present what feels like solid arguments and logical facts, empirical data, well written responses, we seem to hit brick walls of emotional denial.
People who we would otherwise respect and think are intelligent, educated people completely dismiss our logical arguments and treat us like we are wearing a tin foil hat. We become outcasts without being given a fair opportunity to voice our arguments. Emotional walls go up and communication grinds to a halt.
We need a way to break through to the masses and presenting facts and science and reason simply is not enough when the programming runs this deep.
We are asking people to dismiss something that has been beaten into their head since birth by every authority figure in their life. We are asking them to believe that all the people they put their trust into through their lives have been flawed. That is not an easy pill to swallow.
So how do we reach them?
One thing that I find helpful in reaching people is to ask a lot of questions instead of telling people facts or presenting arguments. After all, I got to this information by asking a ton of questions myself, so getting others to ask themselves questions will drive them to seek answers.
When we are presented with a fact we have the psychological choice to either accept or decline the fact. We are not required to think about it, we can just have an emotional response based on our prior programming.
But when we are asked a question we are psychologically driven to answer the question. In order to answer the question we are forced to THINK about the question and formulate a reasonable response.
So if we want to get people to THINK we must ask them questions, not tell them what to think.
Here are a few examples of questions we can use, please contribute your own ideas in the comments below so we can all benefit from more questions to ask:
Why do you believe that?
What is your evidence that germs cause disease? Are there any other more reasonable explanations?
Who told you that? How did you come by that belief?
Did you know that all colds and flus are the body cleaning itself?
Did you know that no virus has ever been purified then isolated?
Do you know what is required to prove that anything is the cause of disease? (Koch’s Postulates)
Why do you believe that symptoms of the body cleaning itself are disease?
Who told you that? Do they make money off you being sick?
What study has proven contagion? I know the 1918 Boston study disproved contagion but perhaps you have seen a study which proves it?
Why do you believe that a symptom created by the body to clean itself would require an external toxin to be applied to the body to return the body to health?
This is called the Socratic Method (Here is a short article on using the Socratic Method in an argument )

Have you used the Socratic Method to win an argument or get your point across before? Let’s work together to come up with a list of questions that can be asked in a discussion to help everyone further educate the masses. If you can think of any more questions that would be useful in educating people about the Terrain Model please list them below in the comments so everyone can benefit from them.