December 12, 2022

HCL question: I have been slow...


HCL question: I have been slowly transitioning to this lifestyle (Natural Hygiene). Long time cooked vegan…now raw till 4 mostly. Working on that last part (dinner).
Recently I have started to have severe debilitating gut problems with digestion (stomach bombs and knots up). My naturopath thinks I am not producing enough HCL to digest foods properly and wants me to try taking HCL tablets when I eat a meal. My stomach feels fine when I eat fruit only. I haven’t tested salads or nuts yet. Not sure what to do.
Added note: I can’t talk about this to anyone without huge push back that I am wrong to venture down this road without enormous negative consequences TIA


Terrain answer:

You mentioned that your stomach is fine with fruits, which means its not a digestion issue.