December 12, 2022

Hello all. I wanted to know wh...


Hello all. I wanted to know what is the group’s thoughts on The Grape Cure. I recently read the book and was thinking if it is the right way to start my journey.
My thoughts, combining what I learn from this group and the book, is to start water fasting for 2 to 3 days. Then mono feed on a fruit for 2 week or up to 2 months if the body allows. Then slowly introduce other fruits, but maintain mono fruit per meal until the body is able to adapt and digest combination of fruits.
I know enema is not recommended.
I know you dont need to mono feed on grape as per suggested in the book, any fruits like that has high alkaline ie watermelon is good.
I know it is important to sip the water slowly during the fast.
I know it is important to chew the fruit slowly and allow the enzyme in the mouth to do the work.
I was listening to Lockmen video that it is best to eat within a 4 hours window, and to eat when hungry, separate to two or three meals.
Any more things I need to look into? Or perhaps past experience or advise to share?


Terrain answer:

Removing the conditions of disease is always about lifting burden. We don’t have to go to extremes to do so. We can just return to the natural diet, utilize water fasting from time to time and get plenty of rest.