December 12, 2022

Hello everyone, I’ve been part...


Hello everyone,
I’ve been part of this group and transitioning to healthier, species appropriate diet.
Just wanted to let you know some changes so far:
– lost about 10 pounds
– my tsh level (thyroid stimulating hormone) went from ~ 3 to ~ 2 (higher level means hypothyroidism and sluggish metabolism).
– panic attack have lessened
On the other hand, it’s been 2 years that I have high prolactin level (40-50 ng). Fortunately it has not increased, even decreased a bit from 49 to 45 ng.
I would appreciate some suggestions on how to reduce it, because I cannot find decent info online in the resources or guides. This hormone is only supposed to be high during lactation, not in the absence of…and of course it leads to infertility.
Looking forward to some expert’s advice


Terrain answer:

The body controls all hormone levels, all blood pressure, all chemical reactions. The body is creating a higher level because that is what the body needs at this time.