December 12, 2022

Hello guys, I’m fairly new her...


Hello guys,
I’m fairly new here, diagnosed with what they call Multiple Sclerosis 15 years ago. Done two years of ms drugs and steroids which obviously poisoned me even more , then tried a few diets and been up and down with my health…
Last year Ive been following the candida diet with absolutely no fruit allowed and very little carbs plus good amount of fats and protein…it did help me get back on my feet after a bad flare (at least that’s what I thought) but since discovering the terrain model I decided to change and eat raw fruits plus some zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, gem lettuce and sometimes broccoli. I add nuts too, mostly walnuts.
I’m deep into reading and researching about the terrain model and I’m already blown away by how the whole model makes perfect sense and I want to believe it can help me get rid of my horrible ms symptoms (aka heavy detox..??)
Should I go easier on the change or is it ok to just jump into it? I do feel my guts are struggling a bit at the moment to get used to the change
Any advice really appreciate, anybody with the same diagnosis?
Thank you all for taking time to read this long post


Terrain answer:

There is no benefit to extending the burden on the body by continuing to include less ideal foods when our body is already in a state of distress.