December 12, 2022

Hello, I recently had a tooth...


Hello, I recently had a tooth extracted, and on the recommendation of my holistic dentist plan on getting a ceramic implant. Now after reading up on the Terran Model, I’m wondering if this is the best option, what are your thoughts?


Terrain answer:

There is a lot that goes into a dental decision. If you can function without the tooth in place then not putting any foreign materials into the mouth is obviously going to be the top choice. But in reality there are usually functional issues as well as cosmetic issues to consider. If we need to use something then we want to use whatever is the least harmful substance available within our budget. In an ideal world we would not need to repair or replace our teeth because we would never eat our way into dental decay. In our current reality we need to make adjustments for that not being the case. In the grand scheme, a small amount of any material in the mouth is not going to cause major health issues. It is the cause of the tooth decay that causes the other health issues as well.