December 19, 2022

Hello, I’d appreciate some adv...


Hello, I’d appreciate some advice if anyone has any. I got this email from my mother the other day about my father apparently needing a stent due to an artery that’s clogged. I’ve done some research from what I’ve read so far, the procedure is essentially useless unless you’re literally having a heart attack. He’d be put on blood thinners for up to a YEAR after as well, and about 50% of the stents in America each year are considered unnecessary. On top of that, they admit that this will not reduce the risk of heart attack or death, and the potential side effects are many, including:
-an allergic reaction to medications or dyes used in the procedure
-breathing problems due to anesthesia or using a stent in the bronchi
-a blockage of the artery
-blood clots
-a heart attack
-kidney stones due to using a stent in the ureters
a re-narrowing of the artery
Anyway, I’m trying to convince him to get a second opinion, or ultimately not to have the procedure done as the results show to be better if he would focus on nutrition and exercise instead.


Terrain answer:

First, Heart Disease is fully reversible. My father in law reversed his Heart Disease in 6 months and got off all heart medications by following a plant based diet, mostly raw. Lots of fruits and leafy greens but he still ate about 25% cooked foods, mainly steamed vegetables or brothy soups.