December 19, 2022

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I...


Hello ladies and gentlemen.
I hope someone can point me in the right direction:
I know of quite a few people that got “infected” with this virus. They got sick, some of them worse than others.
Most had their lungs affected.
Some were prescribed antibiotics to preemptively fight pneumonia…
So I was thinking…
What would I do if I got sick.
I don’t have a perfect terrain. Not even close.
So there is always a possibility.
So, what would I do?
What would YOU do?


Terrain answer:

If you were to start to experience any detox symptoms, It doesn’t matter the current state of your Terrain, the correct option is to water fast. Whether your Terrain is clean or your terrain is dirty water fasting is always the right answer to get you … See more