December 12, 2022

Help! I am torn between jumpin...


Help! I am torn between jumping back into the avocado game again and trying to stick with 80/10/10. My skin has become sooo dry and actually crackly/super crepey looking. It’s awful. I look like I”m 200 years old. I’ve been staying away from avocadoes and eating almost only fruit and a salad every now and then. What can I do about my skin? There is no way this is a “healthy” thing for my skin to look like this. I’ve been mostly fruit/raw for almost a year so this isn’t a “body getting used to it” kind of thing.


Terrain answer:

As hard as it is to hear this is actually a good thing. When we eat fat, avocado included it blocks the bodies ability to expel acids for a time. So we get backed up with acids. Since you have cut way back on the fat the body is pushing extra aci … See more