December 12, 2022

Help me understand this… My...


Help me understand this…
My partner used to never get sick when he smoked and drank.
5 years ago quit smoking.
1 year ago quit 90% alcohol consumption (switched to NA)
Has a much better diet than 5 years ago
Lost almost 50lbs
Started running 6 months ago
Started light intermittent fasting.
Yet now he “catches a cold” all the time. Stomach flu/food poisoning type symptoms every other month. Meanwhile I never “catch” anything and stay healthy despite the whole household getting a cold.
Does the body purge /detox accumulated waste when cleaning the engine? Why sick now and not when drinking/smoking? Is it age related? 30s abused body is stronger?


Terrain answer:

When the body is extremely toxic it does not have the energy to create expulsion events, so the acids stay inside. Once we start cleaning up our lifestyle the body starts to gain back enough energy to clean itself and this is when we can see cold/flu detox symptoms appear. This post explains the cold curve, or why very healthy people and very sick people do not get colds for totally different reasons: