December 7, 2022

Hey Everyone! Just a reminder,...

Hey Everyone! Just a reminder, we cannot always keep all the comments on posts in line with Terrain Model principles. However we always have an admin or moderator comment on all approved posts so the terrain principles are getting out there. If you see a comment and are not sure if it is in alignment with the terrain model check for the admin or moderator tag next to the persons name.
If you see comments on posts that are against Terrain Model principles please help us out by clicking the 3 dots next to the comment and clicking report to admin. This helps us to see which posts are in need of cleaning and where people are going astray in their understanding of the principles.
You can also help us out by not commenting if you are not sure if you comment meets terrain model principles. All new members should be completing the learning guides and reading the group rules prior to joining the conversation.
Thank you everyone!
Eat Fruit and Be Well!