December 12, 2022

hey friends question was 90%~1...


hey friends question
was 90%~100% RAW for 10 months
had many detox episodes
I realize now since I live outside & winter rolling around, last year was nearly unbearable
and miserable since I have a cold only shower
I put a lot of stress on myself to be 100% RAW
in the beginning to heal a brain tumor and neuropathy which I still have & was very emotional about food a LOT
the past month I’ve been eating about 50/50
RAW, then cooked veggie meals (ulu soups… cooked greens…squash, some rice and quinoa..tempeh) they’ve been SO satisfying because I need to heal emotionally&spiritually BIG time and has made me much more grounded and WARM
my goal is to transition into fully raw again once spring or summer comes
I am so sensitive now after being high raw for so long, I took a few antibiotics after infections popped up from detox…. & I believe I have leaky gut
I get a pain in my right side liver/gallbladder area and have a lot of gas
I take probiotics and digestive enzymes
I know RAW is the WAY for periods of time
it has not proven sustainable for me during winter even in a tropical climate it’s COLD despite warm teas and yayaya
don’t h@te but i’ve met some folk who do what i’m doing… mostly raw and vegan but the ONE thing they’ve included to heal leaky gut is BONE BROTH i’m very curious about this
i’m not about to eat meat or anything else but I am curious if anyone has heard this I am thinking to try it for a period of time just to heal my gut
thank you much love here’s another raw vegan pizza


Terrain answer:

Cooked foods do not ground us, but what they do is suppress our emotions and burden our bodies so we have less energy. With less energy we have less ability to feel. Cooked foods deaden our senses. Which in the short term can make us feel better, jus … See more