December 12, 2022

Hey I have a question for the...


Hey I have a question for the group. How can we treat and/or cure heavy mucous cough/congestion in an infant? I’ve always preferred honey over otc medicines, I also consume spicy foods to clear congestion. However I don’t think any of those are safe in an infant, so what can we use as an alternative? Not so much a cough suppressant as those are healing remedies, I’m looking more for an expectorant, something to assist in the removal of the mucous causing the cough and congestion. Any advice would be great. Thanks guys!


Terrain answer:

Neither option is safe for a child or an adult. Spicy foods do not clear congestion, they are just so irritating to our system that they immediately create a thin mucus reaction. This thin mucus rapidly coats our delicate internal tissues and protect … See more