December 19, 2022

Hi everyone i am new to this g...


Hi everyone i am new to this group and would really appreciate some advice i have hpiorie a bacteria in my stomach which has actually ruined my life its been two months since i have been all fruits can someone suggest herbs to take to rid the hpilorie


Terrain answer:

Bacteria is a reflection of the terrain. It is in place because it has a job to do. It is not the bacteria causing symptoms, it is the waste that the body is trying to deal with that is putting the bacteria in place to dispose of the waste. If you kill the bacteria with herbs then all you are doing is stopping the body from healing whatever the bacteria is trying to heal. It can take some time to heal, especially if you keep putting food in. Anytime we have issues with the stomach or digestive tract, one of the best things we can do is stop burdening the body with digestion. You can either do a full water fast if you feel up to that, or do a juice fast.