December 7, 2022

Hi Everyone! Having over 10,00...


Hi Everyone!
Having over 10,000 members now we are getting a lot of posts submitted to the group. Please understand that our moderation team is small compared to the size of the group and we simply do not have the time to watch every video or read every article submitted.
So please help us out by including a detailed comment about what the video discusses and how it relates to Terrain Model if submitting a video, especially a longer video. Or a brief summary of the article and how it relates to the Terrain Model.
We are getting far to many posts to have to screen the videos so we need a summary of the key points covered in videos.
If you are submitting an article for discussion then a question is fine.
If it is not obvious how the post relates to furthering our knowledge of the Terrain Model and it does not have a comment explaining why then we will simply decline the post and you can feel free to resubmit with a comment.
Thank you all for your patience and cooperation!


Terrain answer:

Sue McCully Regarding your question about why your post was declined.