December 19, 2022

Hi guys, I need your help. Now...


Hi guys, I need your help. Now this has nothing to do with Germ Theory but everything to do with an ill-informed medical industry. I learned yesterday that my best friend’s little sister has been advised by doctors to have her stomach surgically removed because she allegedly has a gene that puts her at high risk of stomach (and also breast) cancer. I have a lot of thoughts about the cancer industry, but I won’t get into it now. Let’s just say I believe this to be absolutely terrible advice. Her uncle had his stomach removed and lived only a short while after and suffered all the while. Her cousin also had his stomach removed not too long ago and has lost an insane amount of weight and looks like he hasn’t got a good night’s sleep in a very long time. They also advised her that her two brothers should be tested, probably so they can get the same recommendation.
I’m not sure why the industry feels such a need to remove people’s vital organs(probably to make then fully dependent on their healthcare thus creating another lifelong customer), but I can’t stop thinking about it and feel I really need to open her eyes about this very important decision. So I am asking if any of you glorious and awakened members of this group know where I can find some good scientific evidence that will prove how terrible of an idea this is so that it may allow her the opportunity to make an informed decision. Dawn Lester I know you have done vast amounts of research on this topic and would be very grateful for any input you can provide.
Thank you all and God bless.


Terrain answer:

This is beyond insane and absolutely heart breaking. I would suggest sending them the books in the files section. The Chapter from the Life Science Course on Cancer would be a good place to start – … See more